Academic Integrity

Our academic programs are based on rigor and integrity in strict adherence to the Forum on Education Abroad’s Standards of Good Practice. Quality assurance is achieved by both internal and external reviews and assessments that are transparent and ongoing. We strive for continuous improvement in our teaching and the high achievement of our student learning and development outcomes.

Internal Review & Assessment

Quality assurance is the responsibility of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) and the Global Academic Management Team (GAMT), which is comprised of the academic directors in each program location. Together they vet, hire, and support all faculty positions; advance curriculum development and conduct new course reviews; and implement all academic policies and procedures.

Each term an Annual Program Assessment (APA) is produced, which is a review of course and program evaluations to assess student academic performance. Academic directors and the VPAA address issues raised pertaining to student and faculty performance. Policies and procedures are reviewed, annually, by the GAMT based on both internal and external feedback.

External Review, Assessment & Accreditations

Joining a small, elite group of institutions and IEOs, we have successfully achieved certification from the Forum on Education Abroad’s QUIP Program and have also completed the four-year follow-up review. In the letter of confirmation, The Forum on Education Abroad noted that: "In their Interim Report, CAPA has outlined the steps they have taken to work on continuous improvement of systems since the QUIP review in 2012. The result is a combination of student learning opportunities united by institutional mission, practices, and clearly defined, overarching learning outcomes. February 8th, 2017 CAPA continues to be in substantial conformity with The Forum's Standards of Good Practice, and demonstrates continuing commitment to quality improvement of its education abroad programs."

The QUIP process involved a substantial self-study across the whole organization followed by external site reviews by independent professionals from the field. Our QUIP recognition is valid until 2020.

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Forum on Education Abroad for more information on the Quality Improvement Program.

Academic Oversight

Quality Assurance Agency
Our London program undergoes an annual review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) in the UK and has received a commendable outcome, demonstrating the maintenance of academic standards and enhancement of the quality of student learning opportunities.


Academic Oversight

Department of Academic Affairs
Dr. Andrea Custodi, Vice President for Academic Affairs, heads the Global Academic Management Team (GAMT), which is comprised of the academic directors in each program location.

Dr. Custodi is responsible for the implementation and compliance of all of our academic policies and procedures, as well as curriculum development. Her top priority is maintaining a high standard of academic quality in all our programs, conducting annual program assessments and five-year comprehensive on-site reviews. She also serves as our liaison to the Academic Advisory Board, our Schools of Record, and our Library of Record.

Academic Advisory Board

Our Academic Advisory Board, comprised of education abroad professionals and faculty from our Schools of Record as well as a range of institutions, provides further review and oversight of our program and curriculum development and academic policies and procedures. The AAB reviews all APAs and conducts on-site reviews on a five-year cycle.

Schools of Record

Our Schools of Record, accredited, degree-granting US institutions, review and approve each new course syllabus, as well as any course revisions. In addition, these universities—the University of Minnesota and the State University of New York at Oswego—conduct their own on-site visits and reviews on a regular basis.

CAPA Faculty

We have outstanding faculty in all sites primarily with PhD qualifications. They each have extensive experience in instructing US students and bringing the cultural pulse of the host country into the classroom, and in relevant and interesting class field trips.