CAPA is pleased to announce that Australia is now open to all vaccinated international visitors. CAPA will begin programming in Sydney in May

The CEA CAPA Approach


We have exceptional relationships with our Schools of Record, work closely with our Academic Advisory Board, and have successfully completed the Forum on Education Abroad Quality Improvement Program, demonstrating our commitment to the integrity of our programs as we create impactful academic experiences.


Learning and Development Outcomes

CEA CAPA's Student Learning and Development Outcomes (SLDOs) help students create a deeper understanding of the future value of their experiences abroad. By achieving these outcomes, students are well-equipped to articulate what they have learned abroad to graduate schools and/or future employers.


Global Internships

CEA CAPA's Global Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain international work experience in their field, develop personal and professional skills in line with our Student Learning and Development Outcomes (SLDOs), and earn academic credit. 


JEDI Commitment

CEA CAPA is committed to increasing equitable access to education abroad while providing students a framework to explore and challenge their identities – both through diverse global communities as well as the students we bring together.


Safety, Health, and Wellness

CEA CAPA is committed to encouraging a safe and healthy environment at all of our study abroad centers. We provide health insurance for students and visiting faculty, train our staff to provide guidance for a variety of health issues, work closely with students with disabilities, adhere to Title IX guidelines, and much more!

CAPA not only offers an innovative and high impact approach to international education, but also consistently demonstrates the expertise and attention to detail needed to ensure each individual student participating in their programming walks away with a positive experience. The team seamlessly combines relevant academic coursework with hands-on internships accross the globe, allowing students to apply the theories discussed in class to cross-cultural professional work settings. I am continually impressed by CAPA's professionalism, timeliness, and emphasis on student outcomes.
Kevin Carton | International and Off-Campus Programs Coordinator, Augustana College

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