Study Abroad & Global Internships

Empowering students to become thoughtful and thriving leaders through living and learning abroad.

Through our commitment to personalized learning, academic rigor, and cultural engagement, we prepare students to live and work in a globally interdependent and diverse world. Over 300 leading institutions choose CAPA as their trusted study abroad partner.

The CEA CAPA Study Abroad Experience


Through our education centers worldwide, we offer students an unparalleled opportunity for growth and exploration of their world

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Once your student has applied and been accepted to a study abroad and/or internship program, our Enrollment and Advising Team is here to help with all aspects of pre-departure, from course selection to visa information. Students will be provided with detailed information on each step of the process. 

Your role in your student's study abroad experience


Your student is about to embark on a semester full of adventure, cultural discovery, and personal growth. However, with such a new and unfamiliar experience comes many challenges for your student as well. The support of parents and family members before, during, and after a student's study abroad program plays an integral role to their success.


There is no doubt that studying abroad is a worthwhile investment for today's students, making them marketable to future employers, more globally-minded citizens, and better introspective thinkers. This section is designed to provide information and resources to better assist you in supporting your study abroad student throughout the entire process.

CAPA is proud to partner with and be recognized by leading international education organizations, including:

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