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Academic Publications

Occasional Paper #10: The JEDI Anthology

Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) agendas have become critical within the environments in which education abroad functions. We believe that scholarship informs and enriches those endeavors. The JEDI Anthology draws upon contributions made over the past 12 years.


Collectively, the articles in this volume demonstrate the value of conversations that go beyond everyday concerns to explore diverse perspectives and ideologies. The rationale for this anthology derives from the current political environment. In many countries, a liberal agenda has been undermined by militant parochialism and xenophobia. The timeliness of this anthology was clear.

Going beyond national realities reveals complexity. Default distinctions within American society may not be of global relevance. Thus, we owe it to ourselves and those we teach to challenge dominant narratives.


CAPA’s publications are intended to enrich learning, teaching and research for all of us aspiring to be thoughtful and curious contributors to critical discussions in a complex world. The mission of our series of Occasional Publications is to expand the discourse of education abroad and, in so doing, to challenge conventional orthodoxies and unexplored assumptions. CAPA also partners with the University of Minnesota in the production of a biennial journal on career integration in study abroad.

Our Publications

Empires of the Mind@2x

Empires of the Mind?

This collection presents a plurality of voices in complex, brave, and challenging conversations with the reader. Colonialism shaped our world and distorted the ways in which people and nations relate to each other. While the great empires belong to history, legacies remain: empires of the mind. We are all children, sometimes orphans, of empire.

Career Integration No. 3: Reviewing the Impact of Experience Abroad on Employment

Career Integration 2020

This volume demonstrates that there is a pervasive awareness of the responsibility of educators for the lives of students beyond their formal studies.

Border, Mobility & Migration

Borders, Mobility, and Migration

Ideas addressing the interconnected, complex, and critical issues of borders, mobility, and migration from the perspective of education abroad.

Globalization, Civilization and Their Discontents

Globalization, Civilization and Their Discontents

Essays examining civilization’s transformation through globalization and alternative ways to address this perplexing topic in education abroad.

Civil Rights & Inequalities

Civil Rights & Inequalities

Essays examining historical developments, complexities, and contemporary relevance of civil rights and the inclusion of this topic in education abroad.

Career Integration No. 2: Reviewing the Impact of Experience Abroad on Employment

Career Integration 2017

Essays on connections between career and study abroad, and the related educational, political, social, economic, and trans-national implications.

Human Rights in Action

Human Rights in Action

Papers exploring power, politics, and practices in human rights, a topic rich with potential for engagement and learning in education abroad.

Ain't Gonna Study War No More: The Lost Agenda in Education Abroad

Ain’t Gonna Study War No More

Explorations of war, national memory, and identity that illuminate ways in which studying war can enrich the education abroad curriculum.

Career Integration No. 1: Reviewing the Impact of Experience Abroad on Employment

Career Integration 2015

Reflections on questions and challenges surrounding the connection between careers and learning abroad—before, during, and after the experience.

Woven by Memory: The Idea of Nation in Education Abroad

Woven by Memory

Debates on issues surrounding the making of nations, a topic vital for students’ understanding of the contemporary reality they inhabit.

Cosmopolitanism and Diversity

Cosmopolitanism and Diversity

Papers revealing complex, contested ideas around cosmopolitanism and diversity—topics imperative to include on the study abroad agenda.

Then City as Text: Urban Environments as the Classroom in Education Abroad

The City as Text

Reflections on the engagement with urban environments as classrooms in order to enrich the learning experience in education abroad.

These publications address the fact that education abroad is a curious profession. We are simultaneously practitioners and scholars obliged to juggle administrative, intellectual, and academic imperatives. In recent years, we have become significantly more adept at administration: “how” we construct our programs. In pursuing those necessary imperatives, we have tended to lose sight of some educational and intellectual questions: “why” we do what we do.

Our broad objective is, therefore, to create space for reflection on, and discussion of, themes and topics that broaden focus beyond practical and administrative issues. We take the view that international education is enriched through introspection and review of conventional agendas. We believe that we have an educational responsibility to think about topics that impact upon the world in which our students live.

These publications, broadly, resonate with our core learning and development objectives and reflect the subject matter of CAPA Symposia. We have chosen to analyze and explore issues related to globalization, urban experience, social dynamics, and diversity. These themes are reflected in collections of diverse essays that offer trans-disciplinary and, often, conflicting perspectives on urban studies, cosmopolitanism, nation and memory, war and study abroad, human rights, and civil rights.

We welcome you to download our publications and join the discussions at our next Symposium.