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For over 45 years, CAPA: The Global Education Network has worked with institutions of higher education to build trust and meaningful partnerships. 


Please take a moment to meet our Institutional Relations Team, who works closely with colleges and universities across the country to develop outcome-driven and impactful study abroad programming. These are some of the CAPA staff you will see on your campuses and at conferences across the country.    



Meet the Team


CAPA's Institutional Relations Team consists of our Institutional Relations Managers (IRMs), who manage our partnerships with institutions in designated regions of the US, and our Custom Program Developers, who collaborate with our overseas teams and partners to build customized and faculty-led programs at our centers abroad. 


The Team works with over 300+ partner institutions to collaborate, develop, and support internationalization efforts with impactful study abroad and global internships through our CAPA and customized program options.

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Darin is the Vice President of Institutional Relations and Diversity Initiatives based in Los Angeles, California.



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Darin Smith-Gaddis

Nora is the Director of Custom Programs based in Seacoast, New Hampshire.


She works with the Institutional Relations Team and university partners to develop custom programs. 


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Nora Larkin

Stacy is the Vice President of Institutional Relations — East, based in Naples, Florida.



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Stacy McKay Benander

Paul is the Vice President of Institutional Relations — Central, based in Austin, TX.

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Paul Hopkinson

Sean is an Institutional Relations Manager based in Boston, Massachusetts.


Sean works with universities in Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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Sean Williams

Max joined CAPA in 2022 and is a Custom Program Developer based in Lansing, Michigan.


He works on the Custom Programs team developing customized and faculty-led programs.  



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Max Chappuis

Ashley is a Regional Director based in Birmingham, Alabama.


She works with universities in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

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Ashley Hiers

Randeep is a Partnership Director based in Sacramento, California.


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Randeep Kullar

Matt is a Regional Director based in Washington D.C.  


He works with universities in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Pennsylvania.


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Matt Lawson

Emily is a Custom Program Developer based in Providence, Rhode Island.


She works on the Custom Programs team developing customized and faculty-led programs.  

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Emily Resnevic

Amber is a Regional Director based in Fort Collins, Colorado.


She works with universities in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming. 


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Amber Kettmann

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CAPA Programs

Global Internships  

Career preparation is integral to our programs, and with over 2,000 internship partners around the world, we provide students real-world professional experience with a global perspective. We’re fueling success as students build personal and professional skills.

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Global Cities Semester & Summer Programs  

Our Semester and Summer term academic programs are located in complex and fascinating global cities where students explore and analyze these urban environments through in-classroom study and out-of-classroom experiences.

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Global Certificate Programs  

Our certificate programs are designed to provide students with a sharply focused and intensive curriculum in specific areas of academic interest including global business, civic engagement, and the creative arts.

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Global Short-Term Programs  

These short-term Summer programs allow students to engage in rigorous and focused study of one specific topic such as Wrongful Conviction or Global Health in London, or Sports Management in Sydney.

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Custom & Faculty-led Programs  

You can achieve your vision of globalizing your students’ education through custom programs. At CAPA, we help you develop custom and faculty-led programs, taking into consideration short-and long-term strategies, listening carefully to your ideas, and working to create a meaningful program at an accessible cost for students.

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Why Partner with CAPA

By becoming a CAPA Affiliate, your institution will receive a variety of benefits to assist your office and your students. We offer institutions the advantage of access to all our program locations without the need for a minimum cohort. Your institution can issue their own credit or accept credit from one of our School of Record institutions.


Our institutional relations team is here for you to discuss partnering with CAPA.  


I would confidently recommend CAPA as a partner to any institution. Our students were matched with an internship site within their field... The courses were challenging but also gave them the opportunity to get out of the classroom and into the city to really experience (the city as classroom).

Kim Justeson, Director of Experiential Learning

Albright College

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